It’s time to call it quits

As you may know, among Nakamura Asumiko’s works, I especially favor Utsubora - The Story of a Novelist. So to me, this blog, while is the place to show off her beautiful artworks, at the same time is a wake-up call about Utsubora because I want somebody to fucking scanlate such a gorgeous series. Not sure if I have a voice in this, but the situation went better than expected: Utsubora got licensed by my favorite US publisher, Vertical. Although it takes one more year for a poor student like me to grab a copy of it but I’m partly satisfied now.

After that, I hardly find any purposes for this blog to stubbornly stay alive - at least in a year or two, she won’t make anything dark and twisted and hard-to-sell like Utsubora again. So in short, I quit - it was fun while it lasted. Thank all of you for following me throughout the whole year!